Photonic Power to the People

Power, as both knowledge and energy, can be harvested and transferred very effectively with photons.

This initiative is to facilitate the development and dissemination of this capability so all could thrive.

This is a knowledge transfer strategy based on integrating recent optical advances with those in an array of other fields, so that together we can harness the unrealised epoch-making potential of photonic power to catalyse a rapid shift to strong, secure growth.

In this and many other fields much valuable intellectual property is lying abandoned in the ‘Valley of Death’, that vast chasm between grant and early stage investor funding and profitable commercialisation. As substantial sums have usually already been spent on its development it can often be exploited at very low further expense. 

The challenge is to form the right collaborations so that these neglected innovations can be used and even uppurposed to be of great benefit to all.

While this site is in the course of construction please see for an example application.